Outrigger Canoe Racing: an exciting new title in our Sport-Specific Guidelines series

We are proud to announce the release of our new title, Outrigger Canoe Racing: The PEATS Program.

Although the seeds for this eBook were planted over 15 years ago, we have finally completed the work, and now make it available.

The exciting sport of Outrigger Canoeing is without doubt one of the fastest growing and popular sports across the world, and certainly in the Pacific region.  Regattas are conducted across a range of distances, in single and team craft, and in environments that are forever changing, adding an adrenalin-charged enthusiasm for all participants.

TPE Sports Coaching has been working with outrigger paddlers since the 1980s: testing, consulting, and conducting coaching courses, workshops and seminars. Our eBook contains a wealth of information for paddlers and coaches of all levels, and aims to assist in the design of training programs to meet individual, team and club goals. The book provides additional information on the application of The PEATS Program to the sport of outrigger canoe racing. One of the huge benefits of adopting this Program in your sport is that it progresses you from your current performance level.  And it can be applied to a wide range of diverse sports.

With so little information out there for outrigger paddlers, you are sure to find something in this book to suit.

Check it out by clicking the image below:

cover_thumbnail4 copy

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